Mobile RV Repair in Utah

Why Choose Us

C.Co Mobile RV Repair is a mobile RV Service. We bring our experience to our customers, giving them more time to enjoy their camping experience. We specialize in all kinds of repairs and pride ourselves in fast, reliable service. Our goal is to be reliable, flexible and the best in Northern Utah.

Contact Us today to get a free quote for repairing your RV. The best part, is that we can come to you to get you the repairs you need.

C.Co’s RV Services

  • Electrical System
  • Refrigerator Service
  • Appliance/Accessory Check
  • Maintenance
  • Winterization
  • De-Winterization
  • Annual Maintenance Inspections
  • Furnace Service
  • Water Heater Service
  • 45 Point Inspection
  • Water System Check
  • LP Inspection Service
  • Generator Oil Change
  • Rubber Roof Preventative Maintenance
  • A/C Service
  • Over/Range Service
  • Wheel Bearing Packs

C.Co also works with all insurance companies as well as manufacturer warranties. C.Co is not limited to mobile rv repair alone. If you prefer to bring your trailer to us, we can all all the rv repairs in shop. C.Co requests all major rv repairs be done in shop.

Key Service Areas

 Winterizing your trailer is one of the many things you should do for Winter.  Water lines and systems need to be completely drained of water or treated or else they will freeze and you will have a mess on your hands come Spring.  Small amounts of water can be trapped inside pumps, drains, faucets, and holding tanks.  So the best thing to do is treat it so that it can’t freeze.  If water does freeze in any of these, it may ruin your trailer and you will, most likely, have to have it replumbed. While getting your trailer ready for winter, don’t forget about taking out all your food items to help keep rodents out! 

 Many people ignore getting this done.  It is recommended to do bearing maintenance every 5,000 miles or once a year. Check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations. The axles on your travel trailer or fifth wheel, boat trailer, tow dolly, and horse trailer all need it. All bearings require care. Packing wheel bearings is a dirty job.